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Amateurs ‘Sell’, Professionals ‘Sort’…In 3 Steps

Amateurs “SELL” –> Professionals “SORT”.

In the end, the sorting process can be summed up in just three steps …
Step #1 — Build a prospect list.
Step #2 — Build a relationship with your list.
Step #3 — Market to your list.

But let me start by asking you a simple question:

Would you rather …

option #1: have people eagerly contacting you, cash in hand, about your products or services.


option #2: hunt them down and beat them over the head with a sales pitch until they run away calling you a crazy person?

Well if you like option #1 more than option #2, pay VERY close attention. Because I’m about to tell you how we make that happen each and every day for members here at Pure Leverage …

The first thing you need to know is that “marketing” is king. Period. If you don’t believe me, let me prove it to you.

(By the way, making a list of your friends, family and business contacts to pitch the latest fruit juice, lotions, potions and pills to is NOT marketing. It’s called “laziness” and it does not work.)

Let’s say that you have the chance to market what you think is the best new product in the world, so you have the company ship $3000 worth of it to your front door.

Well guess what … It’s just going to sit there.

Have you ever heard those weird stories about Amway guys who had garages full of product?

Well that happens because products don’t sell themselves. “Marketing” does.

So here’s “how” I make that happen for my members in 3 very simple steps:

  • Step #1 — Build a prospect list. This is a list of the people who respond to your advertisements, signalling to you that they have in interest in what you offer.(As a Pure Leverage member, our design team builds your web sites for you and equips them for list building so that you are building database of interested prospects over the long run. NO other activity in all of marketing is more critical than this one).
  • Step #2 — Build a relationship with your list. People buy from those they like, respect, and trust, and it’s no different here. The best way to do that is to offer true, honest value.(As a Pure Leverage member, our professional copyrighting team writes ALL the follow up emails for you and send them out from my server for you. You never even have to deal with it unless you choose to.)
  • Step #3 — Market to your list. This is when you market products and services that will help the people on your list get what they want.(As a Pure Leverage member, our highly trained and experienced sales and marketing team host over 15 LIVE coaching calls per week and 4 LIVE events per year to “show you” the exact online strategies that have made us millions … yes, millions.)

Remember, this isn’t about you making money … It’s about you serving others. The money follows.

NOTE — This would take you “years” to do on your own if you have limited internet marketing experience.

Ready to “see how” Pure Leverage does “ALL three” of the above steps FOR YOU :smile: ?

Go to  Pure Leverage

To your Success,

Michel Bilodeau_Sig


The debonair French Canadian


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