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Would You Seriously Buy A Vehicle Without Checking Under The Hood?

by Michel Bilodeau

Joining a network marketing company, on the basis of “it’s such a good product” (like I almost did) is the caryard equivalent of buying a van without checking under the hood. Let me explain.

Like it or not, the primary purpose of any business, network marketing companies included, is to move product.

Similarly the primary purpose of a van is … (you guessed it) to move product.

Trouble is, most companies offer a great “looking” vehicle, but on closer inspection, the home business owner finds it doesn’t have an engine capable of driving sales. You pay your money and get your van back home — loaded to the brim with product, hopes and dreams.

You put the key into the ignition, turn it clockwise and … click … nothing … It won’t go anywhere. The van you bought won’t move, let alone move product.

skd255208sdcIt’s a shell … a souffle. All hot air. The used car salesman didn’t say anything about this?
So what do most people do?

They push their van around the block a couple of times, hoping it will somehow gather momentum.
They try putting more fuel (money) into it.

But it doesn’t make any difference.

In the end the clever ones realize they have to buy or build their own engine (and then cross their fingers that it works with their particular vehicle).

Meanwhile, the company puts on “rah rah” training sessions and meetings all about their “products” and their “success stories”.

Of course, they rarely mention anything useful about driving sales.
This is what you really need to know.

The core problem here is this. When looking for an opportunity, most people only focus on the product or service they will be selling. This is natural and understandable (the companies bank on that). But it is a HUGE mistake.

There are some incredible products out there. There’s no doubt about that.
But the product is only half the equation.

If you don’t believe me try ordering a pallet of any product in the world.
Have it delivered to your garage. Are you rich yet?
Of course not.

It won’t move itself. It needs to be marketed (no matter how good it is). And no amount of affirmations, no law of attraction, no “awakening” or “abundance mentality” is going to shift that sucker.
You see, the most important — and the most often overlooked — criteria for choosing a business opportunity is being able to crawl under the hood and check that it has a powerful and automated sales and marketing machine.

Without an engine to drive sales, most home business owners quickly find themselves at the side of the road — alongside the rusted out wrecks of the 97% of other independent distributors whose dreams stalled.
And you know what the real tragedy is? Those 97% of people never realise what went wrong. No-one tells them you need an engine to drive a home business. They blame themselves for not “pushing the van” hard enough. “Maybe if I’d done another lap of the block, another meeting, bought more leads, listened to more training calls?”

They never realize that the bright and shiny “shell on wheels” they were sold was never going to get out of first gear.

And that it wasn’t their fault.

Meanwhile the companies and their “heavy hitters” ignore the wreckage — somehow managing to put it to the back of their minds, as they welcome a new round of eager members ready and willing to test drive a shiny new van.

Michel Bilodeau
The debonair French Canadian

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